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Your Car Donation May Help Ending Negligence and Cruelty Towards Pets

car donation

car donation

Cars Helping Pets is a project in which we accept car donation from people all around the United States and money we get after selling donated cars or other vehicles are sent to organizations who will provide food, medicine and shelter for abandoned animals like dogs and cats. Your car donation can be of great help to us because you can make a difference in pets life. When you offer your car for a donation, you enter the Cars Helping Pets project and you are in position to give financial support to those who put effort in order to make easier life for animals. Also, your donation may help to fight against the animal. Don’t you want to stop cruelty towards pets? We are sure you do. Your car donation can ease their suffering. Also, your donation may be used in order to change some parts of laws that will result in better policies, which means pets friendly approach.

In some cases we may use the donation for investigating cruelty. There are teams who work in cities investigating cases when there is a doubt that people were cruel to animals. If you want to stop such practice and make the change, we invite you to contact us. Your car donation will be a support. Our aim is to fight the negligence and see bad behaviour towards animals being ended. Please, join the Cars Helping Pets project and help us in our work. Your donation will be used for helping pets. Joining is pretty simple. You may contact us online or on the phone if your prefer and our friendly staff will answer your questions and lead you through your donation process. If you prefer online communication, then we invite you to search for online form to fill it. We have planned your car donation to be pleasant experience, so we have made filling this online form simple.

We will be thankful for your help. We can bet that pets will be thankful as well, but since they can’t speak, we will speak for them. If you have friends and family who would like to join this car donation project, they are welcomed as well.

We have created a project that helps such animals and we would like you to think about that. The project is called Cars Helping Pets and we are receiving car donation in order to help pets.