Our extremely commended multi-engine Watchdog Anti-Malware 1 PC 3 Year software aids to keep your PC secure. Its functions include:

  • Spots and eliminates malware
  • Prevents your device from all types of infections.
  • Well-suited with any of the antivirus software installed on your system.
  • Defense from all ransomware.
  • Safety against unidentified threats through Smart Artificial Intelligence-Based Real-Time Protection.

How It Works?

  • Scan: Start a scan to find any suspicious files in your device.
  • Analyze: If this software finds any doubtful file, it authorizes the fingerprint to the Cloud Scanning Platform in which various anti-virus engines accomplish checks.
  • Confirm: It swiftly sets about eliminating any detected malicious software.

Key Features:

Watchdog provides competent protection by enhanced engine against all cyber threats. It offers:

  • Stops manipulation to take over your PC.
  • Safeguards with real-time safety module.
  • Offers enhanced phishing detection to your documents.
  • Always keeps in touch with offline scanner.
  • Ensures added protection with the help of cloud scanner.
  • Offers exceptional malware detection and elimination.
  • Provides browser hijacker elimination.
  • Offers efficient boot kit and rootkit detection and elimination.
  • Comes with anti-ransomware safety modules.

Benefits offered

  • Very fast scanning
  • Efficient multi-engine malware scanner
  • Smart real-time protection
  • Improve your security

Watchdog anti-malware utilizes Cloud Scanning Platform, a very highly enhanced cluster of servers, which with the help of latest updates, run numerous anti-virus engines. This offers you with the control of multi-engine scanning.

Watchdog anti-malware is constructed with common user-friendly interface without any complex settings. It is well-suited with formerly installed security software and has a little computer resource consumption. It is optimized to safeguard you from all types of viruses and malwares without needing user interaction.

Watchdog Anti-Malware 1 PC 3 Year is a highly commended multi-engine anti-malware solution for your device which helps you to keep it safe. Introduce watchdog and let this malware solution do wonders.

System Requirements

  • Windows 8, 8.1 or 10.
  • About 50MB disk space.
  • About 40MB memory.
  • Active Internet connection.


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